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An Adventure In Sparkling Beauty …

Welcome to our Vintage and Antique Jewelry Love Affair. It has been a wondrous journey.

I have always had a Fascination With Sparkly!
When I see the kind of Sparkling Beauty that flashes in the exquisite designs of Vintage and Antique  Jewelry with entrancing Stones … my Heart skips a few beats.

I can’t think of a time in my life when I didn’t have a passion for Stones. It has been a lifelong affair of the heart that fully blossomed while I lived in Arizona. I spent several years there, living near the Superstition Mountains with the Great Sonoran Desert as my backyard. It was my playground for Rock Hunting, Gem Clubs, and beautifully creative Stone loving friends.

My Heart is full of Thanks for the Special People who have crossed my path, entering the Circle of my life and adding beauty. First and foremost, my Teacher, a magnificent Apache Medicine Woman, with whom I learned the mysteries and wonders of Stones in traditional Native American history and beliefs. The depth of her Gifts to me are beyond words. And then, to the many Friends who have invited me into their journey and joined me on my path of learning and exploration. There are many, but I will tell you about one of them.
His nickname was Skee. He was a WWII Navy veteran, having served in the South Pacific. It was a random meeting that brought Skee into my life and he delighted in sharing with me his World of Stones.

I have met a lot of Rock loving, Stone hunting, Gem collecting people who are fascinating. …  And then there’s Skee. … He had a few acres of property near The Mountains, fenced in, secluded and protected. When I was allowed inside the fence, what I discovered was a Stone Sanctuary.

Skee had been collecting Rocks for decades, and several hundred of them weren’t just little Rocks, they were Boulders. Agates and Turquoise and Jasper and Onyx. And what did he do with these Boulders? He built paths of Stone through his property with 2 foot high walls from his massive Stone collection. All of the paths led to one enclosed area, a Circle, where there stood a monument of Stone, 12 feet high. It was awe inspiring.

Entering his home was another adventure. Minerals and Crystals, jars of Precious Opal, on shelves, and displays, in cabinets and on counters. On his porch, another Sanctuary, where he built a large Stone pond with a waterfall.

After months of knowing Skee, he finally took me to his most secret place of Stones. A little shed at the back of his house that was under lock and key. When he opened the door, I stepped into a lapidary workshop with thousands – yes, thousands – of cut and polished Agates. My heart stopped beating when I saw the beauty of those Stones.

Skee and I spent many long and dusty days in the desert as he took me on journeys to his favorite Rock places. It was an honor. Skee has passed on, but the memory of his Stone World, and the beauty he shared with me has been a Priceless Gift.

I hope, as I begin a journey here, that I can impart some small measure of the beauty I see and share a Gift of childlike wonderment for the incredible World of Stones. The magic of Stones is not found in the westernized thinking for certain innate properties such as healing or wellness. Every Stone has a History in its origins, the place it comes from, the hands it has touched, the Spirit in which it is given or received, and the choices made for its purpose.
From my hands to yours, I send the Beauty of Life with every Stone.

My Love for Sparkling Vintage Jewelry comes from a childhood where my Family Home was decorated with Antique Beauty. My Mother was an Antique Dealer for many years.
Antique and Sparkly Stones … is Vintage Jewelry.

I hope that I can inspire a vision of Beauty for you to experience with our collection of Vintage and Antique Jewelry.

Welcome To Our Vintage Sparkle Dream. 

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